Hi there, I see that you've stumbled on my page.
Well, here's something about me:

High time Robotics and AI enthusiast.
Atheist and a staunch liberalist.
The hair spikes you see on my picture doesn't always exist.
Trying to make sense of this resplendent chaos called life.
Narendiran CG
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  •  Undergraduate, major in Mechanical Engineering - IIT Madras (2013 - 2017)
  • Project Associate, Embodied Cognition Project, DRDO sponsored - IIT Madras (2017 -  *) 
Research Interests: 

  •  Robotics (developmental robotics, ROS as framework)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Affordance Learning, IMRL)
  • Deep Learning (as a toolkit)
  • Computer Vision (as a toolkit)
General Interests: 

  •  Photography (Canon 700D personal use)
  • Fine arts (free sketch and pencil styles)
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